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Need to organise executive car leasing in Bulgaria but unsure where to start? Make one quick call to our helpful advisory team or contact us online and we’ll be able to set everything up for you in a matter of minutes. At Executive Car Leasing BG we’ve been helping businesspeople and professionals acquire a suitable vehicle for journeys across Bulgaria for many years so you’ll be in safe hands. When you arrive in the country your chosen vehicle will be waiting for you at an airport of your choice, freeing you to get on the road and on the way to where you need to be as soon as you pass out of customs.

We provide a wide range of executive car hire options to Bulgaria, including a wide variety of lease lengths and terms to meet any needs that you might have. Plus, our advisory team are fully informed about the current state of the Bulgarian roads and traffic systems, and will be glad to extend any advice that you might need when driving on them for the first time. All this adds up to a convenient and flexible service that makes car leasing easy. Customise the service that you require by giving us a call today on the number below…

Professional and Affordable Car Hire in Bulgaria

Wave goodbye to the stress and worry that are often associated with foreign car leasing. Our service for car hire in Bulgaria has been used by professionals to travel the length and breadth of Bulgaria, and remains popular because we give all of our clients complete peace of mind. With us you’ll benefit from all of the following bonuses:

  • You can speak to one of our advisers at any time of the day or night – we’re always standing by to help you out
  • We’ll provide a vehicle that has all necessary road tax as well as total insurance cover
  • In the unlikely event of a break down or other accident we’ll provide a replacement vehicle within 24 hours!
  • We’re a reliable company with thousands of clients across Bulgaria
  • A range of luxurious modern vehicles

Book an Agreement for Car Leasing in Bulgaria Now – 24/7

Want to get a free quote on the car leasing agreement you’re interested in Bulgaria with zero obligation? Dial +359 897 368 227 now and speak to one of our fully-informed and helpful customer care advisers. They’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have about our car hire services, to give you that quote, or to set up the appointment that’s just right for you at any time – we’re open and ready to assist your 24 hours a day.

If you’d rather reach us online, you can! Our online booking form and chat facility make it quick and easy to schedule your Bulgaria car hire using the Internet. No matter how you choose to get in touch with us we’ll always provide the same level of support, the same free quotes and the same fast, secure bookings.

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