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Got special requirements for the executive car leasing that you need in Bulgaria? With many years in the industry, a fleet of the finest luxury vehicles and a friendly and helpful customer care team, Executive Car Leasing BG are standing by to assist you. You’ll be able to select not only your own magnificent modern metal steed, but also a precise location to collect your vehicle anywhere in Bulgaria. Want us to deliver your car to the airport you’ll be arriving in so that you can moving as soon as your place hits the tarmac? That’s not a problem – make one quick call now and set up your car leasing with zero fuss and zero hassle!

We provide a wide range of executive car hire options to Bulgaria, including a wide variety of lease lengths and terms to meet any needs that you might have. Plus, our advisory team are fully informed about the current state of the Bulgarian roads and traffic systems, and will be glad to extend any advice that you might need when driving on them for the first time. All this adds up to a convenient and flexible service that makes car leasing easy. Customise the service that you require by giving us a call today on the number below…

The Easy Way to Hire a Car in Bulgaria

If you’re finding the experience of car hire in Bulgaria to be a stressful one, let us take care of everything for you. Being an established and reliable name on the market means that we know how important peace of mind is to our clients, which is why with us you’ll benefit from the following advantages of using our services:

  • A call centre that’s staffed 24 hours a day, every day of the week by our trained and helpful customer care team
  • All of the road tax and insurance taken care of for you, as a standard part of our executive car leasing service
  • We’ll provide you with a replacement vehicle within 24 hours in the event that you need one
  • We’ve provided vehicles for hundreds of people across the length and breadth of Bulgaria so you can trust us for complete reliability
  • A variety of luxury models for every occasion

Arrange for Executive Car Leasing in Bulgaria TODAY

Place one short call to +359 897 368 227 now and you’ll be put right through to our friendly customer advisers – they’re standing by around the clock to set up your car leasing agreement in Bulgaria, or to resolve any queries that you might have about our services. Of course if you’d like a zero-cost, zero-obligation quote we’ll be more than happy to provide one – our team know everything there is to know about our car hire services, so call today to set up just the kind of agreement that you need.

If you’d rather reach us online, you can! Our online booking form and chat facility make it quick and easy to schedule your Bulgaria car hire using the Internet. No matter how you choose to get in touch with us we’ll always provide the same level of support, the same free quotes and the same fast, secure bookings.

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