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When trying to decide whether to buy or lease a car, it is worth bearing in mind that leasing provides a multitude of benefits that purchasing does not. When you choose to buy a car you have to put down a substantial deposit and then pay monthly repayments that will be quite high thanks to the interest that is added. Then once the car is paid off you have an asset that, thanks to a high rate of depreciation, is actually worth a lot less than you paid in total for it.

Car leasing in Bulgaria on the other hand allows you to choose from a range of car brands and then pay to ‘hire’ it over a specific number of months. The deposit tends to be much smaller, equivalent to three-to-six months of repayments and the repayments themselves are based on how much the vehicle will depreciate during your lease period so they will be lower than you would have to pay on an equivalent vehicle if you were buying it. This also means that you can drive a higher spec vehicle than you would have been able to otherwise afford, making your driving experience even better.

That said, car leasing does not preclude the possibility to own a vehicle at the end of your contract. Should you wish to have the option to own the car at the end of your lease you can take out a leasing agreement with a financing option that pre-agrees the cars value at the end of the contract period and you can then make a balloon payment, so you actually have the best of both worlds.

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With a variety of finance options and a great range of car brands available, we are the perfect choice for all of your car leasing needs. But to make the experience even better you will also be able to enjoy round-the-clock assistance from our helpful advisers and nationwide recovery. We can also have a replacement vehicle to you within 24-hours and all of our cars come with no quibble fully comprehensive insurance.

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Our advisers are standing by right now to provide you with more information, discuss the different options available in more detail or answer any queries that you may have. So give them a call on +359 897 368 227 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can also use the online form to request your free no-obligation quote or start chatting with an expert right now via our online chat facility for help with all of your questions about car leasing in Bulgaria.


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