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Executive Car Leasing BG can provide you with a contract or lease agreement that suits you perfectly, thanks to a variety of financing options. All you need to do is decide whether an ‘ownership’ type of finance agreement is your best option or if your circumstances are more suited to choosing a vehicle and paying to ‘hire’ it over a specific period of time.

Type Of Finance Options That We Can Supply

Contract Car Hire: Probably the simplest of the options available, you hire the car for a pre-agreed fee, time period and amount of mileage. It makes budgeting easy and means that you do not have funds tied up in vehicles. This, and the fact that VAT registered companies can claim back a large percentage of payable VAT, makes it a popular choice if you a looking for private or business car lease in Bulgaria.


  • Lower initial deposit and fixed cost motoring means you know what you pay every month with no surprises;
  • Bespoke contracts to cater for a variety of time periods and mileage allowances;
  • Add-ons that remove the hassle of insurance and maintenance;
  • No depreciation worries or time needed to sell the vehicle at the end of the contract – simply hand it back;
  • Annual road tax is included;
  • For company users – funding is not on the balance sheet so your capital is available for other things;
  • For personal users – depreciation is part of the monthly payment so you pay a smaller monthly fee than would be expected for the vehicle you choose, and your savings can be kept in your pocket.

Contract Car Purchase: This option gives you all of the same benefits as Contract Car Hire, but at the end of the contract you can purchase the vehicle via a balloon payment or Guaranteed Future Value payment. You can still hand the car back if you wish and the payments under this agreement are not subject to VAT.


  • All of the benefits of Contract Car Hire with the added bonus of owning the vehicle at the expiration of the lease term;
  • The final value of the vehicle is pre-agreed at the beginning of the contract;
  • The vehicle becomes an asset once the final balloon payment is made;
  • The end payment keeps the monthly cost of the car lease in Bulgaria lower, making you better off.

Lease Purchase: Is the same as Contract Car Purchase with the only difference being that you are obliged to make the final balloon payment and you, therefore, cannot hand the vehicle back at the end of the lease period. This option is more popular with business owners and those requiring fleet managementt as the vehicle will sit on the balance sheet as an asset, although the initial cost of owning such a vehicle is spread over an amount of time.


  • Capital can be kept within the business for the duration of the lease period;
  • Vehicle is on the balance sheet of the company at contract end.

Hire Purchase: Once the most popular choice of finance, this option allows you to purchase the vehicle via equal monthly payments over a period of time. The initial cost of the car, minus the often large deposit paid, is divided equally over a specific number of months and the car is then yours. There are no balloon payments to worry about although the monthly costs tend to be higher due to the interest charged. You also have to consider the depreciation of the car value, which is one of the reasons why this option is now less popular. Generally this type of contract is more like taking a loan and is rarely the most suitable type of contract car lease Bulgaria that we can offer.

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